IJAC CiteScore keeps raising in 2018

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IJAC receives a CiteScore as high as 2.34 in 2018 which is 1.37 times higher than that in 2017. Being in the top 15%, it ranks #69 among 460 journals in respective categories.


Powered by Scopus, CiteScore metrics evaluate serial citation impact over a three-year period. Available for 23,830+ titles on Scopus—including peer-reviewed journals, trade journals, book series and conference proceedings—in 330 disciplines, CiteScore covers 12,000+ more titles than the Impact Factor.


CiteScore offers complete transparency of the underlying data, allowing anyone to validate a CiteScore value by clicking into the numerator (citations) and denominator (documents). Additionally, CiteScore metrics are calculated in a very straightforward way, so there aren’t any secret algorithms influencing the results.



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