2019-2020 Top10 Reviews

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During the past two years, IJAC has published a series of high-level reviews by world-famous scholars, including Prof. Brian D. O. Anderson, Prof. Anil K. Jain, Prof. Wei He, etc. The fields cover Pattern Recognition, Social Networks, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, and so on. Download full text now!



This survey reviews the state of the art algorithms for generating adversarial examples and the countermeasures against adversarial examples, for three most popular data types, including images, graphs and text.


Adversarial Attacks and Defenses in Images, Graphs and Text: A Review

Han Xu, Yao Ma, Hao-Chen Liu, Debayan Deb, Hui Liu, Ji-Liang Tang, Anil K. Jain

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This paper provides a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art toolpath interpolation and smoothing approaches with systematic classifications. The advantages and disadvantages of these approaches are discussed. Possible future research directions are also offered.


Toolpath Interpolation and Smoothing for Computer Numerical Control Machining of Freeform Surfaces: A Review

Wen-Bin Zhong, Xi-Chun Luo, Wen-Long Chang, Yu-Kui Cai, Fei Ding, Hai-Tao Liu, Ya-Zhou Sun

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This paper provides an extensive survey of the EN technology and its wide range of application fields, through a comprehensive analysis of algorithms proposed in the literature, while exploiting related domains with possible future suggestions for this research topic.


Electronic Nose and Its Applications: A Survey

Diclehan Karakaya, Oguzhan Ulucan, Mehmet Turkan

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This review is intended to summarize various path planning strategies for AUVs on the basis of characterization of underwater environments as predictable and unpredictable. The algorithms employed in path planning of single AUV and multiple AUVs are reviewed in the light of predictable and unpredictable environments.


A Comprehensive Review of Path Planning Algorithms for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Madhusmita Panda, Bikramaditya Das, Bidyadhar Subudhi, Bibhuti Bhusan Pati

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This paper surveys the recent advances on the modeling and control of hysteresis of piezoelectric actuators (PTAs) in the context of high precision applications of atomic force microscopes (AFMs). The current states, findings, and outcomes on hysteresis modeling and control in terms of achievable bandwidth and accuracy are discussed in detailed. Future challenges and the scope of possible research are presented to pave the way to video rate atomic force microscopy.


A Survey on Modelling and Compensation for Hysteresis in High Speed Nanopositioning of AFMs: Observation and Future Recommendation

Maniza Armin,Priyo Nath Roy,Sajal K. Das

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This paper analyzed and outlined the IPDR systems based on about 80 documents in the field of IPDR in recent years. The article is structured in the form of an introduction-elucidation-conclusion framework. First, we proposed a general framework to explore the structure of an IPDR system. Then, according to this framework, the IPDR system was divided into six relatively independent subproblems, which were discussed and summarized separately. Finally, this paper proposed a graph structure of IPDR systems, and a sub-directed graph, formed by selecting a combined path from the start node to the end node, skillfully constitutes a technical route of one specific IPDR system.


A Survey of the Research Status of Pedestrian Dead Reckoning Systems Based on Inertial Sensors

Yuan Wu, Hai-Bing Zhu, Qing-Xiu Du, Shu-Ming Tang

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This paper firstly gives an over- view of the three key technologies of a 3D VTSMs: multi-camera placement, multi-camera calibration and pose estimation for multi-copters. Then, some representative 3D visual tracking systems for multicopters are introduced. Finally, the future development of the 3D VTSMs is analyzed and summarized.


Open AccessA Survey on 3D Visual Tracking of Multicopters

Qiang Fu, Xiang-Yang Chen, Wei He

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In this paper, we give an overview of recent advances in deep learning-based models and methods that have been applied to single image super-resolution tasks. We also summarize, compare and discuss various models from the past and present for comprehensive understanding and finally provide open problems and possible directions for future research.


Deep Learning Based Single Image Super-resolution: A Survey

Viet Khanh Ha, Jin-Chang Ren, Xin-Ying Xu, Sophia Zhao, Gang Xie, Valentin Masero, Amir Hussain

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A fundamental aspect of society is the exchange and discussion of opinions between individuals, occurring in situations as varied as company boardrooms, elementary school classrooms and online social media. After a very brief introduction to the established results of the most fundamental opinion dynamics models, which seek to mathematically capture observed social phenomena, a brief discussion follows on several recent themes pursued by the authors building on the fundamental ideas. 


Open AccessRecent Advances in the Modelling and Analysis of Opinion Dynamics on Influence Networks

Brian D. O. Anderson, Mengbin Ye

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In this paper, we provide a literature review of key crowdsourcing technologies including crowdsourcing platforms and tools, crowdsourcing frameworks, and techniques in terms of open call generation, rewarding, crowd qualification for working, organization structure of crowds, solution evaluation, workflow and quality control and indicate the challenges of integrating crowdsourcing with a PDD process. We also explore the necessary techniques and tools to support the crowdsourcing PDD process. Finally, we propose some key guidelines for coping with the aforementioned challenges in the crowdsourcing PDD process.


Open AccessKey Crowdsourcing Technologies for Product Design and Development

Xiao-Jing Niu, Sheng-Feng Qin, John Vines, Rose Wong, Hui Lu

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