Special Paper Collection of CCAI Keynote Speakers

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The 2019 Chinese Conference on Artificial Intelligence (CCAI2019) was successfully held in Qingdao, Shangdong province, China in 21-22 September, 2019. During the past few years, IJAC has attracted many high-level papers by the CCAI keynote speakers. This is a special collection of those works published in IJAC.


[2018 Keynote Speaker]


Prof. Liwei Wang from Peking University

Zero-shot Fine-grained Classification by Deep Feature Learning with Semantics

Ao-Xue Li, Ke-Xin Zhang, Li-Wei Wang

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Chinese introduction




◆Prof. Qiang Yang from HongKong University of Science and Technology

Transfer Hierarchical Attention Network for Generative Dialog System

Xiang Zhang, Qiang Yang

Full text (coming soon)




[2017 Keynote Speaker]


Prof. Toby Walsh from University of New South Wales

Expert and Non-expert Opinion About Technological Unemployment

Toby Walsh

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Chinese introduction:




Prof. Yixin Chen from Washington University

Applying Deep Learning to Individual and Community Health Monitoring Data: A Survey

Zhen-Jie Yao, Jie Bi, Yi-Xin Chen

Full Text:


Chinese introduction:




[2016 Keynote Speaker]


Prof. Tomaso Poggio from MIT

Why and When Can Deep-but Not Shallow-networks Avoid the Curse of Dimensionality:A Review

Tomaso Poggio, Hrushikesh MhaskarLorenzo Rosasco, Brando Miranda, Qianli Liao

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