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Most Popular Papers in Last 2 years
(From IJAC 2011, vol. 8, no.1 ~ 2012, vol. 9, no.6)
1.     1.   Fault Tolerant Control for Networked Control Systems with Packet Loss and Time Delay
     Ming-Yue Zhao, He-Ping Liu, Zhi-Jun Li, De-Hui Sun
     2011 Vol. 8 (2): 244-253
    Or: http://www.ijac.net/EN/article/downloadArticleFile.do?attachType=PDF&id=805
2.     2.   Adaptive Terminal Sliding Mode Control for Rigid Robotic Manipulators
      Mezghani Ben Romdhane Neila, Damak Tarak
      2011 Vol. 8 (2): 215-220
     Or: http://www.ijac.net/EN/article/downloadArticleFile.do?attachType=PDF&id=802
3.     3.  Stability of Iterative Learning Control with Data Dropouts via Asynchronous Dynamical System
      Xu-Hui Bu, Zhong-Sheng Hou
      2011 Vol. 8 (1): 29-36
4.     4.   Modeling and Control for Wireless Networked Control System
     Chang-Chun Hua, Ying Zheng, Xin-Ping Guan
     2011 Vol. 8 (3): 357-363
5.     5. Coordinated Controller Tuning of a Boiler Turbine Unit with New Binary Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
     Muhammad Ilyas Menhas, Ling Wang, Min-Rui Fei, Cheng-Xi Ma
    2011 Vol. 8 (2): 185-192

(Source from Web of Science: http://apps.webofknowledge.com)


Most Download Papers in Last 2 years
(From IJAC 2004, vol. 1, no.1 ~ Current)
1.      Learning from fish: Kinematics and experimental hydrodynamics for roboticists
Lauder, George V.; Madden, Peter G. A.
2006 Vol. 3 (4): 325-335
2.      Joint motion control of a powered lower limb orthosis for rehabilitation
Costa, Nelson; Bezdicek, Milan; Brown, Michael; Gray, John O.; Caldwell, Darwin G.; Hutchins, Stephen
2006 Vol. 3 (3): 271-281
3.      Task-resource scheduling problem
 Gorbenko, Anna; Popov, Vladimir
 2012 Vol. 9 (4): 429-441
4.     Simulink behavioral modeling of a 10-bit pipelined ADC
Barra, Samir; Kouda, Souhil; Dendouga, Abdelghani; Bouguechal, N. E.
2013 Vol. 10 (2): 134-142
5.      Sensor/actuator faults detection for networked control systems via predictive control
Zhang, Yu-Yan; Zhang, Jun-Ling; Luo, Xiao-Yuan; Guan, Xin-Ping
2013 Vol. 10 (3): 173-180

International Journal of Automation and Computing

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